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Not a good start to the weekend

We got started late and didn't leave till 10:30. Traffic on the Belt was so-so, traffic on the Turnpike sucked donkey testicles (as usual). I think it was 15:00 when we got out of Jersey (including a 20 minute stop for lunch and another for Aliza's bottle that she turned down at lunch time).

Once we got into Delaware there was a traffic jam. Luckily they all appeared to be headed for the tax-free shopping off exit 4A, and we made good time through Baltimore ("scenic downtown Ballmer!" Sorry, John Waters reference though I think I misquoted it) and to the DC limits. Once we got down New York Avenue, though, we discovered a problem. It said to turn from 1st St to North St. There is no North St there--they meant N Street. A spiral through the one-way system ensued. Meanwhile, Aliza started crying for her bottle.

We finally found the hotel and went round the block looking for the garage entrance. Aliza was screaming and I wanted to get her inside, and Neil was stressed too--and he cut his turn too far, and scraped someone. Someone turned out to be a DoJ employee who insisted on exchanging insurance information even though she only had a tiny dent on her bumper. *groans* I went in to the hotel while Neil did that (and discovered they had valet parking).

It also turns out we have to inform DC police, who are currently interviewing Neil.

Thank G-d we booked a decent hotel so we can order room service.

Oh good, he's back. The police were called out on an emergency. He hasn't been interviewed yet.

Did I mention I have a stinking headache? And I went to the pharmacy down the street to get something and didn't get myself any Advil--I thought of it right after I walked out.

Tomorrow will be better. I insist on it!

(yes, in room internet access. Of course I brought my laptop. Much better than guidebooks :) )

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sorry you had such a lousy start to the weekend. Hopefully today was better than yesterday! Give me a call tomorrow when you are going to be heading up this way (and if you need directions, just let me know where you're coming from. You just want to come straight up 16th Street from whereever you are. We're a mile or so from the DC line just off 16th Street.