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See title. Too much traveling. aliza was well behaved, thankfully, despite all the traveling (we got the train, well, 2 trains, from Heathrow to Devon)

Happy New Year, yada yada, let me know if there's any important news....
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Just booked our tickets to go back at Christmas. Well, almost-Christmas. We fly out the 26th, back on Jan 1st. Bit of a short trip, but that's the way it has to be (we have to go that week for a family event, and don't want to make it too long in case Neil gets a job before that).
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Neil has managed to bump his ticket up to Upper Class. Not that he doesn't deserve it--I'm just jealous. Even if I could have swung Upper Class for Aliza & me, I couldn't have done it because the seats aren't next to each other (and the rule is that a child has to sit in front of the parent, not across the aisle).

I'm antsy and don't know what to do with myself.
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We're here.

Aliza was not an entirely happy bunny on the flight: she wanted to run around and couldn't. Also, we got an A340-300, not an A340-600. They'd put in the new Premium Economy seats but it still had the old Odyssey IFE, not the v:port on demand. (Odyssey has the programs running on a loop.) Interestingly I've always had 346s on that flight but V-Flyer's database says 61% of flights were on 343s. This limited my ability to distract her with the IFE.

She did sleep a little, and threw some crayons (sigh) and watched In the Night Garden twice (with no sound).

My family is insane. But you knew that.

Aliza likes my parents' dog. I'll have to take pictures.
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I wonder if what's included as the fare and what goes under fees is calculated differently depending on departure country. Same dates, Virgin I get:

JFK-LHR: $171 in fees/taxes, total fare $659
LHR-JFK: £248 in fees/taxes, total fare £368.

So, the UK fare still works out about £50 more expensive (possibly due to higher sales taxes?)--but a much larger proportion of the total fare is "fees and surcharges".
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20th August. eep.

I polished off my airmiles (with airmiles, a one way ticket is just half the miles of a return), but man, a one way ticket is £££ as it has to be purchased full fare. Also, the taxes and fees cost £200 each. (We're flying Premium Economy. I had the miles, once you're paying for an unrestricted full fare ticket it's not much more, and it will be a lot easier. Plus, extra luggage.)

Plus side of megabux tickets: I can change for free if I need to (well, free on Aliza's, £25 for me).
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see [ profile] eldar. Nothing essential to add, except the Eden Project got my eco-cynicism going at times. (mainly in the shop. I'm sick of handwringing books about food, really I am. Also, £13 bags made of juice boxes? Come on! Garbage is not worth £13 even if it was sorted and stapled by a women's cooperative in the Philippines.)

Ice cream:

Photos will be set to upload when I go to bed.
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We're off to see Neil's family. Back next week!

(might pop on, but no guarantees. I'm sure you'll miss me...)
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Neil's choice of silly religious souvenir on this trip: Pope Benedict fridge magnet.

I thought he was going to go for the bust, to go with Ganesha and Athena (I make jokes about the false idols in our house) but no.
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Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday )

Thursday )

Wednesday ).

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Overall, great trip though I feel like we didn't see anything (we did, of course; just that there's so much you could spend months there). We didn't do any museums, oddly enough. Aliza was pretty well behaved although the late dinner times got to her (Italians simply don't serve it before 19:30, and she'd tend to go into meltdown sometime in the 2nd course--I never got to eat dessert! Luckily we'd always just get 2 courses, no antipasti.) Italians don't bat an eyelash at children, so it was OK. On one occasion I did have to cut my meal short and take her outside--that was at the end of the week though.

I want to go back. :-)


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