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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 04:48pm on 15/05/2009 under
According to the USPS, I live in Mechanicsburg, PA, 17050.

According to Verizon's automated address checker, I live in Silver Spring, PA, 17055.

Now, it is true that I do live in Silver Spring township. However, the USPS has decreed that the Mechanicsburg postal area covers this area, and further, Silver Spring is not listed as an acceptable city name for this ZIP. (You can reverse-search ZIPs and find the USPS-approved locales on the USPS website.)

I absolutely do not live in 17055 (which is an adjacent ZIP code, but some distance away).

It's baffling.
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 08:59pm on 24/08/2008 under ,
I blinked today when I saw a National Grid truck (and then that the Keyspan facility is now NG).

Turns out that they bought Keyspan (the gas company here).
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 08:12pm on 08/07/2008 under ,
Today I went to Barnet Registry Office to do my citizenship application (it's faster through the checking service, plus they photocopy your documents so you can keep your passport). This all went fine, though the current wait is 7 months :/

anyway, while I was waiting I glanced at the Notices of Marriage posted on the wall and noticed someone I know was on the list. I'd had no idea she and her partner had finally decided to make it official. (Or that she was divorced...)
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 09:17pm on 01/06/2008 under
I have not had a real life, friendly conversation with anyone to whom I am not related (by blood or marriage) since January.

This should bother me, but in fact I am entirely happy with the current state of affairs.

People are overrated.
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 06:34pm on 28/01/2008 under
I decided this after hearing the words "oooh! BOGOF!" emerge excitedly from my mouth.
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 11:42pm on 27/01/2008 under
Lately, I'm feeling like I'm boring, uninteresting, and not particularly likeable.

Don't all jump up to agree.

Any way to retrieve some personality?
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 01:22am on 19/01/2008 under
I needed some new foundation (as in make-up).

Sign I'm in my 30s: Foundation now makes the texture of my skin look better, as well as evening out the tone. Sigh. I don't have bad skin, far from it (though I should start taking slightly better care of it) but nonetheless, age happens.

Also: went into MAC, said I needed new foundation. Blah blah blah, I say I'm NW20. Girl looks at me and says "are you sure you don't need NW15?" Now, obviously she was trying to be helpful so I'm not bitching about her, but way to make me feel pale. (NW/NC15 are the lightest shades at MAC). I'm actually kind of between (been through this before and tested both shades) but the 20 looks better.

Other parts of today have sucked, including a dodgy stroller handle bar (reversed itself), a crown popping off, and a lost contact lens. I have no spares and a wedding tomorrow.
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 05:19pm on 20/12/2007 under
A month or two ago, I noticed that the revamped Waitrose in Finchley Road had been officially renamed to Waitrose Finchley Road (instead of John Barnes, the store that used to be on the site). The old store didn't actually have the branch name on the front; the new one does.

Today I was going down Finchley Road and noticed that the signs in front now read "Waitrose John Barnes".

I actually decided to stop off there on the way home (instead of the Waitrose near me). Woo. Very nice. It's huge now (took over the Habitat which had been next door).
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 07:54pm on 14/11/2007 under
When we parked last night, no one was behind us. This afternoon:

The stroller was in the boot, so I had to get it out from the side. Grr. Didn't the guy realise that his rear end blocking the driveway was a sign that that was NOT ENOUGH SPACE?!
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