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I'm up at my parents' for a few days. It took me 7 hours to get here. They closed a lane of I-78 and it took me over an hour to go 7 miles (there are mile markers). Then I ended up at the Holland Tunnel, had to get uptown, and it all meant I didn't hit the Midtown Tunnel till 3pm. Ugh. I was so tired I didn't notice I was in a cash only lane and got stopped by a toll taker. I apologized profusely. (I've gotten used to roads where all lanes take EZ-Pass.)

Today I had a doctor's appointment. It would seem that I have managed to lose 35 lbs over the past 8 months, including 10 in the past 6 weeks. Wow.
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Sorry for the quiet; there's not much to say. My BP is down (only to 143/87, but it's a good start), so that's good. I also had my Tdap, and had a lovely reaction. Ow.

Anyway, we had a nice time this weekend. It was really warm yesterday, so we took Aliza to the beach. It was 10 degrees colder there as the wind was coming right off the water, but she loved it. We showed her how to build sandcastles and she had a great time. When we left she said "no, no, my beach!" and this morning she rushed to get dressed, then asked "out? beach?"

Today I took her to my sister's. Aliza calls Jen Tootsie. Jen is obsessed with her. It was fun. Aliza thinks walking in the city is great because of all the shop windows; she also liked the tulips that had been planted around the trees near Jen's apartment.
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I appear to have caught the bug. Cough, cough, achy muscles, tired. No antibiotics for me, though; I'll have to hack it out.
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Aliza had a fever of 39.9 on Saturday and was really, really clingy. She perked up on Sunday but developed a worrying cough. (My dad had bronchitis last week.) Yesterday, her fever went back up and her cough got worse, so we took her in to the ped. Bronchitis and azithromycin.

Unfortunately, we're having a hell of a time getting her to take it. She freaks when she sees the dropper. The syringe that holds a full teaspoon is too big for me to do forced admin, and the dropper I CAN do that with only holds half a teaspoon. So I finally got half the dose in--but the rest got spat out because she wouldn't tolerate it twice. She wouldn't take it in ice cream either so I have one dose unused... and Neil tried her dose today in milk, which she wouldn't drink, so that's a wasted one. Of course, they don't give you much extra and she only needs 3 doses total. I'm contributing to antibiotic resistance.
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It was OK, though the amount of drug company literature and freebies was a bit much. Aliza is 32 lbs and 36", so still at the 90th percentile. I did like that when I said she was still on whole milk, I didn't get a lecture about putting her on low fat.

She had her varicella and her first Hepatitis B shot. They're required for school (including nursery which I would love to have her go to from September if we have money), and compliance around here is high so she's never going to get the pox on her own anyhow. If I could get her the pox now it would be fine but I don't want her having it at 12 like I did.

She also had her PPD test (very glad I declined BCG, they would have made her have a chest X-ray) and she HATED that. It's worse than a regular jab because they slide the needle right under the skin.

I also have to take her to LabCorp for CBC and lead level. No in-office testing on Medicaid, oh well.
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(Clarification is in order and has been sent to the NYT: Offit does hold a patent on RotaTeq, but has subsequently assigned it to 2 foundations and no longer receives any money from it. He's also donating his book royalties to autism research.)

I've read Autism's False Prophets and it's a great book--I recommend it.
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1) I spent a lot of time stuck in horrible traffic today. Aliza was a darling and so well behaved, I couldn't believe it. NO crying even though her lunch was severely delayed (I couldn't get off or anything and at one point it took me half an hour to go a mile down the LIE service road). She got half a chocolate chip cookie because I felt so bad for her and thought she deserved a treat.

2) I am coming down with a virus. I am hot and achy and have a temp of 38.5.

3) The glass on the front of my watch dial has cracked. I was hoping to put off a repair but the crack has really worsened and I can feel it with my fingers. Off to the jewelers for an estimate. I'd put it off, but I have issues when I don't have my watch and being without it while it's repaired is going to be traumatic enough. (I have worn the same watch every day, barring illness and hospital stays, since I was 16.) Anyway, they won't charge me just to tell me how much it will cost and then I can decide.
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Working out how to enroll her in Child Health Plus. Find the information on BC/BS website. blah blah blah, "A completed application received by the 20th of the month will be effective the first of the following month."

So I can't get her insured till 1 October even if I fill the application out today. Sweetie, no getting sick next month, OK? I'm sure my old pediatrician would bill me for a visit, but when they do that it costs a fortune.

(Please, no rants about the American health system, OK? I'm sure plenty of countries have an enrollment lag before you can get your coverage... actually getting her covered will be easy. New York State lets everyone buy into Child Health Plus.)

At least I did do a bit of searching and found out I can apply directly to Blue Cross, rather than shlepping out to Social Services. I know I'm not eligible for anything.
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No energy today. I need to go out but I don't want to. :(

Aliza's also coming down with a cold; she's sniffly and coughing. Or was, before she curled up next to me and went to sleep.

OK, I've wimped out and e-mailed Neil to see about dinner options that don't involve a trip to the supermarket.
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1) I'm coming down with a cold.

2) I'm trying to get Aliza off the Nuby soft-spout sippy cups as they're practically bottles. Plus, she's prone to chewing on the spouts and trying to make the holes bigger (which makes a mess). Unfortunately the others I've tried so far (one harder spout and the Nuby straw cup) don't work for thicker liquids. I tried myself, and I couldn't suck it up. Need to find something else (she loves smoothies).


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