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Sans bacon, and I used a bit more onion and garlic in the cooking, and beef stock instead of veal (because that's what I had). Also, the sauce does need to be boiled down, although I knew (from comments) that it needed to be thickened with a roux as well (which I did). I used 3 Tb flour to 3 Tb oil, to err on the safe side--as predicted, not enough, though I wouldn't want to be over-reliant on a starch thickener.

If you make it, braise the beef the day before, and refrigerate it, so you can remove the fat. Then all you have to do is make the vegetables. I served it with egg noodles, but potatoes would also be good.

If you have a food processor, you can shorten the prep time to almost nothing by chopping the vegetables in it--they're going to cook to mush anyway so there's no need to cut them into tiny neat dice.

It was delicious--the meat was falling apart tender and the sauce was flavorful.
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I am stoked and pleased to report that as of January 2009, Smarties (i.e. British Smarties, made by Nestle) no longer contain E120 (carmine/cochineal) and may now freely be consumed by the observant among us.

Go forth and consume the sugary goodness. Unless you keep chalav yisrael, in which case, sorry!

This will, of course, also be good news for vegetarians.
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The Huntington Town Board has voted to change the code so residents may keep hens for eggs (I read elsewhere that there's something in the law specifying that you have to be doing it for organic eggs, but I can't see how they could be checking everyone's feed). Cool.

Town of Hempstead still bans them, though!
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I made this Milk Chocolate Banana Pudding. It is Teh Yum. (Tip: Don't put the whipped cream and crushed cookies on till you're ready to serve it. I always do this for puddings, so the whipped cream won't water out.)

For the British, I know not of a good equivalent to Nabisco Chocolate Wafers. They're really thin chocolate biscuits. What makes this so good is that they soak up the pudding and get soft. And yes, this is kind of an American version of trifle, only with cornstarch in the custard. ("Pudding" in American English means cornstarch thickened custard.) Traditional banana pudding uses vanilla custard and Nilla Wafers, and the whites are whipped to make meringue for the top. Very Southern.
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I just made YUMMY salted caramel frosting. I doubled the recipe, and it was the right amount for 2 9" layers (actually, yield was a bit under, but I think that's because I didn't cool the caramel enough and it melted the butter a bit). Here's how you make it (ETA: this is doubled, don't double again!):

1 cup / 200g granulated sugar
1/2 cup / 125ml water
1 cup / 250ml heavy (double) cream
4 tsp vanilla
12 oz unsalted butter, softened
4 cups / 475g powdered sugar, sifted
2 tsp salt

Combine the granulated sugar and water in a saucepan. Bring to the boil, then cook to a medium brown caramel. Add the cream and vanilla and stir until the caramel dissolves again. Pour into a Pyrex cup and allow to cool completely.

Beat the butter, powdered sugar, and salt until fluffy. Beat in the caramel mixture. If it's runny, refrigerate it till firmer then rebeat it (the step I should have taken!) Ice your cake.

I'm not generally a frosting fan, especially confectioners sugar frosting, but this was fabulous.
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Neil and I had, like, a proper night out last night!

I wanted to see the new Charlie Kaufman movie (Synecdoche, New York). It's only playing in Manhattan. So I decided to make an evening of it. We had a really nice Italian dinner in the East Village (though it was much quicker than expected, so we had a long interval) and then went to the film.

Which was... interesting. I predict that the reviews will fall into 2 camps:

1) OMG Charlie Kaufman is a genius, and this is so deep and meaningful

2) OMG this was so depressing and made no sense

My own would be neither. There was some great stuff in it, and the performances were excellent, but Kaufman needs someone to restrain his mad-genius tendencies. And an editor.

It was a nice night out, though. Aliza survived what must have been a horrible evening of being fed lamb chops and watching TV with my parents.

It was discovered yesterday that through some horrible oversight, Neil had never had a Twinkie. So I bought some today. He claimed to be unimpressed with it, but I saw him eating a second.
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I ended up having to shlep to Cedarhurst. Nightmare. It was raining really hard, and I was driving my mom's car (other one had to go have the brake lights fixed); her car has crappy sightlines and mirrors, and I don't like driving it.

On top of that, Gourmet Glatt was as mad as expected and the parking lot was worse. I got blocked into my parking space because some idiot HAD TO WAIT for the space next to mine and wouldn't move. Plus, I was the smallest car in the lot (minivan hell).

The woman in front of me at the fish counter was the customer from hell. She kept giving the guys a hard time about everything ("this isn't fresh, get from the back, no I want that, this is so expensive..."). I think they hated her, because finally she asked for the heads from the fish and they told her they didn't have any--but they gave them to me.

I got home, then discovered we didn't have any matzah meal. My mother was going out anyway and she got it, but it meant I didn't get started till later than I wanted to. Making the fish was family comedy. My grandmother was going on about how the eyes needed to be removed from the fish heads, and then that there weren't enough heads and I should have gotten the bones and tails too (I said that if no one calls to order the fish and make sure they save the bones they should be happy with what they give me. I pointed out that they said one of them would call my grandmother's fish store and order it, and they left it too late, so it wasn't my fault. I further pointed out that I was being very nice making the fish, because my mother refuses to make it but is happy to eat it.) My mother shrieked every time my grandmother or I mentioned fish heads because she thinks they're disgusting. Then she asked why I didn't make roe and I said I don't do roe, and if she thinks making fish is disgusting she should see roe. (The roe in question is ikra, carp roe. I did it once and vowed never again.)

I also told Mom that you're supposed to have a whole fish head on the table at Rosh Hashana. Just for the fun of her reaction.

The food processor method worked perfectly for the fish and my grandmother was forced to admit that it looked exactly the same as hand-chopped.
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Here's a list of food. Ones I've eaten are bolded, ones I wouldn't eat are struck through, and ones I've eaten and wouldn't again, both. The rest are foods you should make an effort to feed me :)

Le list )
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Freshly baked cinnamon swirl bread = Teh Yum.

(and I got a really really good spiral this time!)
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"6 cups strawberries".

Strawberries are an irregularly shaped object. Weighing them by volume?! Argh. The amount of variation you'll get (depending on the size of the berries, space between them, etc) will vary enormously. Yes, I know not all Americans have scales, but could you at least maybe give an equivalent?


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