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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 10:35pm on 12/03/2009 under

And he said he wouldn't come back!

(though, apparently, I was clueless because he did change his mind and it got reported everywhere. I should read entertainment junk news more often, I suppose)
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 04:11pm on 13/11/2008 under
Neil is no longer concerned about Widget, and has joined me in my worries over the presenter of Yo Gabba Gabba.

Worryingly, I'm starting to like Yo Gabba Gabba. (I tend to like the shows that aren't traditional animation.) And I really like Moose and Zee and I'm actually upset that Noggin don't do stuffed versions (various people do knock-offs, but it's impossible to be sure of what you're getting. Also, none of them have fully 3-D moose faces and it looks a bit odd.)

Aliza's been getting way too much Noggin recently as the weather hasn't been very nice, and when she pesters us for it we give in. (If we take her away from the TV, she's fine, but when she can see the TV and the remote, she cries and points.)
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 08:43pm on 02/11/2008 under
Zack and Miri Make a Porno. Funny, and considerably easier to understand than last week's. There go all my claims to intellectual pretension. But hey, at least I laughed.
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 12:45pm on 26/10/2008 under , ,
Neil and I had, like, a proper night out last night!

I wanted to see the new Charlie Kaufman movie (Synecdoche, New York). It's only playing in Manhattan. So I decided to make an evening of it. We had a really nice Italian dinner in the East Village (though it was much quicker than expected, so we had a long interval) and then went to the film.

Which was... interesting. I predict that the reviews will fall into 2 camps:

1) OMG Charlie Kaufman is a genius, and this is so deep and meaningful

2) OMG this was so depressing and made no sense

My own would be neither. There was some great stuff in it, and the performances were excellent, but Kaufman needs someone to restrain his mad-genius tendencies. And an editor.

It was a nice night out, though. Aliza survived what must have been a horrible evening of being fed lamb chops and watching TV with my parents.

It was discovered yesterday that through some horrible oversight, Neil had never had a Twinkie. So I bought some today. He claimed to be unimpressed with it, but I saw him eating a second.
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 09:36pm on 08/09/2008 under
Is there anyone who actually prefers Joe to Steve on Blue's Clues?

(I'm annoyed with Noggin mixing up episodes--it's confusing for little kids when it switches from Steve to Joe and back again. Also, Steve rocks. I could fall asleep watching him.)
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Meh, it really sucks now. One, theme song "updated" again. Two, Elmo's World (which is the last segment, IIRC) is already starting, 40 minutes into a 1-hour episode. I've always hated Elmo, but a third of every episode is just ridiculous.

I need to find something to do this afternoon. It's too sunny to go to the park right now--the sun is blinding and hot. I took Aliza out for a little walk before lunch, and you had to stay in the shade or the temperature went up 10 degrees.
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My parents have digital cable. There are about 600 channels, including the 100 HD channels. Admittedly, everything from 196 to 237 inclusive (plus 4 or 5 of the top 100) is in Spanish and the rest of the 200s (not all used) are in other foreign languages. Still, the amount of crap is amazing.

I have to stop watching bad movies just because I have 75 movie channels. And I will not watch bad trainwreck shows that I have previously only heard about (as we speak, TLC is having a Jon & Kate Plus 8 marathon).

Aliza does like Noggin, though most of the kids' programs here seem to be animated. The BBC prefers live-action (the way they do it, I'm sure it's cheaper).
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 09:06am on 25/08/2008 under
I wanted to see WALL-E, but it's pretty much out of the cinema here except for a couple of really early showings :-( (no one to babysit!)

I'll have to wait for the DVD, darnit.
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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 09:21pm on 02/06/2008 under ,
I KNOW I recorded the last 2 episodes of Peep Show. Why does our digibox not have them? Hmph. I can get last week's episode on Neil's PC (4oD won't work on Macs, at least BBC iPlayer can stream even if you can't download) but not the previous one. I was going to watch them now as Neil's out at bridge.


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