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It has rained here for most of the past 2 weeks. Except, oddly, the weekends. We got a total of 7" in May and 1.6" so far in June. When it hasn't been raining, it's been humid. Yuck.

We took Aliza to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, which was a hit (though, McDonalds sponsorship in one exhbit, tut tut). She was a little young for a couple of things, but she had a great time playing with everything--especially the walking piano and the drum set. Unfortunately my camera flash decided not to work, so no pictures. Afterwards we went for Italian food. Aliza was well behaved (though she got out of her chair and stood in the corner behind our table) until she took a mouthful of Neil's pasta, which had crushed red pepper in it. I had to take her for a walk to calm her down.

She's also finally found another fruit she likes, besides bananas. She now loves blueberries. She wasn't sure what to do with strawberries. If we get a run of sunny weather (I hope, I hope) I'll take her to the strawberry U-Pick and see if I can get her interested.
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Sorry for the quiet; there's not much to say. My BP is down (only to 143/87, but it's a good start), so that's good. I also had my Tdap, and had a lovely reaction. Ow.

Anyway, we had a nice time this weekend. It was really warm yesterday, so we took Aliza to the beach. It was 10 degrees colder there as the wind was coming right off the water, but she loved it. We showed her how to build sandcastles and she had a great time. When we left she said "no, no, my beach!" and this morning she rushed to get dressed, then asked "out? beach?"

Today I took her to my sister's. Aliza calls Jen Tootsie. Jen is obsessed with her. It was fun. Aliza thinks walking in the city is great because of all the shop windows; she also liked the tulips that had been planted around the trees near Jen's apartment.
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First we went to HSBC to get Neil an account. That was a mess. First they said they couldn't give him one because he doesn't have proof of address. Government correspondence apparently does not count unless you're an asylum seeker. Then they said (since I'm an HSBC customer) that we could have a joint account. Unfortunately, my driver's license was missing! (Turned out I left it in Kinko's. I have it back.) I remembered that they'd just photocopied my license a few weeks before, and they pulled it.

After all that, the guy accidentally-on-purpose forgot to put me on. I think that's what he did, anyway.

Afterwards, we went into the city and took Aliza to Central Park. She had a great time. It was a lovely day (and the weather report for this weekend was looking iffy, though it's improved now). We ended up going out for dinner, unplanned. (For the 2nd day in a row, if you count yesterday's brought-in pizza. My sister wound up in the emergency room yesterday--no worries, just a kidney infection and stone in the end--and everything went to hell yesterday. Today my mom spent the day shuffling her to doctors, and they were exhausted and didn't even want to eat, much less cook.)
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Yesterday we took Aliza to the zoo. The weather was gorgeous, so it was packed. We've bought a membership, though, which is free tickets for a year plus 4 parking passes to all 4 zoos and the Aquarium--so we can go back whenever we want. It was a great day. She loved the gorillas and the children's zoo.

Today we all went to Jones Beach, and she walked all the way to the water, back to the boardwalk and down to the central mall--3/4 mile!! (my mom had a pedometer). She probably would have walked most of the way back, but we thought it was too much and put her in her stroller.

we now have a very tired bubba!
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The game was fun. Yankees won 4-2. Jeter did not beat the record (last night he tied Lou Gehrig for most hits in Yankee Stadium; since this is the stadium's last season, it will never be beaten again). He had 4 at bats but no hits. The number of flash bulbs going whenever he was at bat was unbelievable.

The bleachers were fun, if ass-numbing (and meant we couldn't see the Jumbotron). The number of things which are now sponsored or have some affiliation with the team is now stupid. You get a Johnnie Walker ad when the player walks, FFS. And New York-Presbyterian Hospital is the official hospital of the New York Yankees. I was expecting "Charmin - official TP of the Yankees".

Mariano Rivera pitched the 9th, which was nice--he's got to be retiring in the next couple of years.

My cousin and his friends trash-talked the Sox, especially Ken Griffey Jr (was surprised he's still playing!) Some other people came too, including my uncle, so it wasn't so weird that I went.
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As in, the end of Long Island.

Neil and I went out to Montauk Point today. Our choice of day was dictated by the weather--today is gorgeous, but it was supposed to start raining (which it now isn't, hrm).

Anyway, we picked the perfect day. It was so clear and cloudless that when we got out there, we could see all the way to Rhode Island. Neil went to the top of the lighthouse (can't take Aliza up there) and we walked around the park. We also drove through the Hamptons, stopped at the beach for a little bit, and had lunch. It was a nice day.
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yesterday we got Aliza her first pair of 'real' shoes! She's walking outside a bit now and Robeez aren't enough protection for anything more than grass. So we took her to Clarks. Their "first walking" shoes are REALLY stiff and she still needs something flexible so she actually ended up with their "pre-walking" shoes. They still have a real sole on them but it's much bendier. As it was, she had a little trouble at first because she's used to feeling the floor.

My poor little girl has inherited my insteps. She's wearing 4Gs (width helps compensate for a high instep and means you have enough strap to go over). That's the 2nd-widest shoes Clarks do! (And H isn't available in a lot of styles)

(Related but OT: I think Robeez have screwed up their soft-shoe chart. It claims a UK 4 is 6-12 months. Aliza has 12-18s and is almost out of them. The Tredz chart is right, I think; it says a 4 is the top end of 12-16 months.)

Afterwards, we went to Didcot for a birthday party. Aliza had a fantastic time running around the garden with the other kids and playing with all the toys. She loved the giant inflatable balls.

We have video:
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We took Aliza to Whipsnade. She liked the animals. All the big cats were asleep, though, and they were renovating the children's zoo so you couldn't pet the animals. Also, while we got a really good view of the elephants, the two baby ones weren't out (they'd done a demonstration thing about an hour before that we missed, and I know the girl elephant is in that, so they were probably resting.)

Still, it was a nice day out (but expensive as we took the car inside the park). It's bank holiday weekend so I thought we should do something.

The evening was spent watching the timesuck that is the Eurovision Song Contest.
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We went to the Bronx Zoo today (along with a sizeable percentage of New York City's school children). We didn't get to do as much as we would have liked (baby delays and then deciding we wanted to leave at 16:15 than risk even worse traffic) but it was good. We've decided that when we move back to NY we'll have to join :) (Members get free parking and reduced admissions fees.)

We had lots of fun with the new camera--mainly gorillas again I'm afraid! They're too fun. There were several babies which made it even better. Most of the cheetah shots didn't come out, unfortunately. There were animals I would liked to have gotten shots of but couldn't (lions, peacocks [though I got the peahen and her chicks], mandrills.) They've been uploaded to the usual location.

Home is chaos. I forgot to mention it, but both of my sisters are home as they're between jobs (both are starting new ones Monday). So things are NOISY! Especially when it's dinner for 7 (including Carly's bf Benny) and the dog is there too...


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