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1 (could be 2 but I think only 1) of the boxes of books I left in my parents' garage has gone missing.

I am now missing about 60 books :( End of the alphabet for trade paperbacks, beginning of the mass market paperbacks, several linguistics books, 3 cookbooks, and a couple of random hardcovers. I actually want many of these books, so they'll have to be replaced over time. The only silver lining is that Neil owns a few of the missing ones, so I don't have to replace those.

To make it even more fun, some of the books were cheap mass market paperbacks that I picked up used to begin with, but they're no longer published in those editions and I don't have a good used bookstore near me. With shipping, it may not make sense to even try to find them online. (I have Amazon Prime for anything I buy new, so the Amazon discount isn't eaten by shipping.)
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(Clarification is in order and has been sent to the NYT: Offit does hold a patent on RotaTeq, but has subsequently assigned it to 2 foundations and no longer receives any money from it. He's also donating his book royalties to autism research.)

I've read Autism's False Prophets and it's a great book--I recommend it.
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They gave me a card based on my drivers license and bank statement. Yay! (Bank statement is not on Approved List of ID).

Aliza liked the kids' section--they had little tables with toys out. TONS of kids' stuff--it was great and I can see us having a lot of fun there.
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2 recent articles: (I read it in the Independent)

I think that reading online is different from reading a book--you do skim more. I've also noticed that the Web chips away at my ability to read books; I want to skim and skip. I'm actually making more of an effort these days to read books. (In some ways, having my laptop out for repair has been a blessing!) While I don't think that reading on the web should be entirely discounted, I'm not sure that some of the experts interviewed by the Times considered the benefits of reading 400 pages without clicking on a link or skimming or being interrupted by Flash.

I am rather depressed by the girl who doesn't think you need to read books to get into college--and wants to major in English.
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good: Lift at Finchley Central now operational! yay for step-free access!

bad: David Sedaris was on The Daily Show earlier this week promoting his new book. I looked on to see when it was being released here. It said 3 June. So I popped into Borders. Nope. Not out yet. Turns out I'd clicked on the US import copy and it won't be released here till 3 July. *sulks* I was all excited.

Bad 2: Aliza shook my drink and I didn't notice, so it exploded when I opened it. My trackpad button is now sticky (not surface sticky, when I press it). I'm sure I remember it sticking and unsticking before so her's hoping.

Random: We went to the park today and she had fun, but they had dirt and woodchips under some of the equipment. Man that was messy when she fell... good thing I had pampers wipes in my bag :)
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These are the top 106 books most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing’s users. As in, they sit on the shelf to make you look smart or well-rounded. Bold the ones you've read, italicize the ones you own but have not read.

Note: Quite a few of these were read for school or university, but it still counts! :)

long meme )
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A little late, but I am really sick of mainstream reviews (particularly in the British press) of Shalom Auslander's Foreskin's Lament, all of which conclude that Orthodox Judaism is some kind of sick cult and being religious is awful. One decided to use it as a platform for a diatribe against Zionism and Israel (I can't remember which now, and can't find it).

I find it tiresome and predictable, as well as inaccurate, and is emblematic about the religious intolerance of many British liberal/leftists today.
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Funnily enough, right after I complained about Hendon library, so did Naomi Alderman:,,2262444,00.html

(forgot to post it when I read it)

And, in a sad comment on the state of the borough's libraries, they're finally installing a toilet in Golders Green Library.
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This week's Ask the AV Club had a question that stumped the staff, about a children's book. I recognised it instantly (The Missing Persons League, Frank Bonham) and what's weirder, I remembered details that the questioner (and some of the commenters) had got wrong. I haven't read the book in nearly 20 years, but I remember it perfectly. Weird.
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Everyone, I think, has a children's book that they really, really hate. Mine is Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree. There's 2 interpretations of the story: one, that it's about completely selfess love, and two (my take) that it's a horrible story about someone who takes and takes until there's nothing left. One Amazon reviewer says that it's called The Giving Tree, not The Taking Boy, and that's true--but I think that a relationship is two-sided. Here, we have one side giving everything and the other never caring about the sacrifices that are made. Is that supposed to make us feel guilty about the selfless love our parents (are supposed to) show us?

There is a beauty and importance in selflessly loving someone and only wanting to give, but as a whole, I hate the story. I always have. Oddly enough I love Shel Silverstein's other work.

(I'm sure some of you will say I'm overanalysing the story, but if you've read it it's very obvious. It's not like the junk people spout about Goodnight Moon--which is one of my favourites.)


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