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posted by [personal profile] alexist at 05:34pm on 26/05/2009 under
A week after we got FiOS installed, we began to have problems with our upstairs set top box. It kept resetting itself. I called Verizon. After navigating my way through the prompts, I was told that the 7000 series has a known fault where it keeps resetting itself if the TV is plugged into the box (daisy chain style) rather than into the wall. I fixed it.

Still kept happening. I called again. This time they remotely reset the box.

Still happened. I called AGAIN, and they promised to send me a new box.

The next morning, I got a call from UPS. Verizon's fucking address problem meant that they couldn't deliver our box. I gave them the correct one. It didn't turn up.

Next day, Neil called Verizon. He sorted out our address, and got a tracking number. UPS' website claims it was rescheduled for delivery today. However, no tracking information later than Friday and there's something about them sending me a postcard to reschedule delivery. WTF?


I just called UPS and they claim it IS going to be delivered today by 7pm. Hmm. I'm suspicious.

ETA: Delivered! Somehow they put ZIP code 17575 on it. Which is not exactly local.
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I found a 3rd party repair service that will do it more cheaply. Haven't decided yet, waiting for feedback on whether they're any good. (Somewhere else, which I know is good, charges a bit more but still less than Apple.)

I'm also going to have a try with calling Apple, because googling seems to reveal a lot of people who have had MBP screen issues and store techs are trained to call them all "accidental damage". A few people had luck with calling directly.
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One area where I will freely admit that America is behind is banking. And my bank is a prime example. I've banked with a local savings bank for years, because they're cheap--no maintenance fees. However:

1) I ordered new checks. When I called, I said I hadn't had new checks in several years; they said OK, you need to be transferred to the company that does them. So I was. I ordered. 3 weeks, no checks, no charge deducted. Call up. Order was cancelled, no explanation, need to call bank. I do. They say "oh, this is effectively a new order, you need to do it in branch". WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS 3 WEEKS AGO??

2) I ask for my BIC and IBAN codes so I can transfer money from the UK. They can't provide them. A little quizzing reveals that they can get money internationally--they do it through JP Morgan Chase--but I just need to give them my routing number and regular bank account number. She didn't seem to understand that NatWest won't know what the fuck to do with them--they need BIC/IBAN or SWIFT codes.

I said fuck it. I'm going over to HSBC later, because they can deal with international issues. I'll pay fees, at least for a bit (even basic checking is $3/mo with a transaction limit) but I don't care at this point. Only sucky thing will be that I'll be back down to starting at check #101. Not that this matters so much these days since I'm hardly ever in a position where I'm in a store and need to write a check, the usual situation where you hit a "check must be at least #300" situation. But still. I was looking forward to a new box of checks so I could start at 300 and be able to write in-store checks! Just the principle.
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I was walking past the vegan bar in the supermarket today and saw shrimp salad. I did a double take and looked again. Real shrimp. And tagged "vegan bar" (I have a camera phone picture and everything). Looked closer and saw several items that were non-vegan (egg pasta, tomato & mozzarella salad, etc). I figured they'd decided to stick non-vegan items on there but it still annoyed me so I complained.

I explain the situation to customer service. "Well, it's not just a vegan bar." (in my head: "then why the hell does the sign say "Vegan Bar?") Me: "well, then it shouldn't be signed "vegan bar". One, if I go to a vegan bar, I expect the items to be vegan. Two, if someone wants shrimp salad or cheese, they aren't going to look in the vegan bar." The 2nd argument seemed to make some sense to her (I thought it would since it's not just about those annoying, picky vegans) but she still had a "you're a crank" look on her face. She said thank you for your concerns, but I bet nothing changes.

If I see it still the same way next week I'll try to find the department manager. If it were the kosher section, they wouldn't do this, not least because it's illegal (NYS consumer law has specific provisions for kosher items). Actually, there might be a case to be made under general truth-in-advertising law, but I don't have anything to quote at them.

I don't know why this is pissing me off so much, since I'm not vegan. Maybe the sheer stupidity of it.
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I tried getting some money out the other day and got declined. Neil got a fraud alert letter. I called First Direct to get them to fix my card. I verify my security details and get passed on to fraud. Some idiot starts giving me this whole yada yada explanation. I know what happened. I forgot to call the bank and I hit the automated fraud system. I cut her off--I don't care, I want it fixed. She says she can't. What the fuck? You can't tell the fraud alert system that the cardholder is actually out of the country? I went nuclear and asked for the supervisor. (I'm 99% sure, by the accents, that I was transferred to India.) She goes through the same thing, no, they can't fix it. I'm incredulous. "You can't lift the fraud alert?" "Well we can but it will just happen again"

I mean, WTF? Do they expect their customers to never go abroad and forget to call? The almighty computer system, it will not permit it!

I'm not broke and I can get money another way but this was just bullshit.
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The day before we left I went into Specsavers to get copies of my prescriptions. she handed me an envelope and I didn't check it. I should have, because they only put my contact lens prescription in. Now if they can't fix my old glasses I'll need a new exam too.

oops forgot to post! Anyway, went to opticians, they were dubious about fixing my glasses but agreed to try. I pointed out I had nothing to lose by trying.
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I called Apple. The repair is in progress. It's been "in progress" for 10 days! I asked how much longer it was going to be and they couldn't say--and were a bit nasty about it. *headdesk*

(The nastiness is somewhat unusual--I've never had them be cranky about anything.)
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1) Letter was not from embassy;

2) Embassy was phoned. DS-230 was received and processed without incident (but they didn't until 11 June!) and Neil should be getting his interview date soon. Phew.

3) Our Internet connection was down all day. The Bangalore Muppets refused to believe it wasn't our router until Neil found another one (for some reason we have a 2nd) and had the same problem. They finally admitted it was a line call after a total of about 90 minutes on the phone. It just came back half an hour ago. BT suck royally.
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I ordered something and it didn't turn up before I left. I assumed I'd get a card and have to arrange redelivery.

I came home to a card from DPD. It was the usual: we'll reattempt tomorrow, call here, or write here to leave in a secure place. only, there was a note in the corner: "left parcel under recycling bin cover". i.e. on our step. I'm fuming. That is NOT secure, I didn't say it was OK and it violates their own rules. DPD is getting a nasty letter. They should have waited for me to call and arrange redelivery.
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