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Birthdate:Jul 2
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
About Me:
Born & raised on Lawn Guy Lind, New York. Proud of it!
Alumna of Walt Whitman HS and SUNY Stony Brook. Not proud of that ;-)
Jewish, Zionist, and proud of it.
Married to Neil aka [personal profile] eldar, who would probably write more if he didn't spend all his time playing Civ III IV and posting on Civ forums.
Recently returned after 4 years in London, now living on Long Island with the aforementioned husband and beautiful baby daughter Aliza, born 5 January 2007. My parenting style is best described as "granola JAP".

Sadly, Zoe the Fat Cat (16 lb Maine Coon mix) passed away on 7 February 2007 :-(

About my LJ:
The travails of a 20-something 30-something New Yorker who moves to London to get married and (we hope) live happily ever after.

Generally a rather random mishmash of the usual LJ personal updates, off the cuff comments about politics, religion, and the media, a hearty dose of pedantry, some worrying obsessive-compulsive traits, food and cooking talk, and lots of boring baby stuff. It's a grab bag of fun!

Most of my posts are public, but anything I wouldn't want close family/(potential) bosses to see is friends-locked. Leave a comment if you want access. You can then read the hilarious tales of my insane family.

Why the stupid username?
I signed up for LiveJournal a long time ago. "alexis" was taken, so I just used my university login name, which was my first initial and my (then) surname. I never thought it would be of any significance at all. Since I'm completely unimaginative, I've never bothered to change it.

About the icon:
The baby is me. Honest. I was a lot cuter then. :-P
(OK, that now refers to the sitting-up baby in the default icon...)
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