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Mainly due to a severe error of judgement on a mini-roundabout. Pure nerves.

On the other hand, I've been having nasty cramps and back pain all day. Erm. I've asked Neil to come home early and take me to hospital. If it's labour it's super-early stages, but I'd just feel better having someone take a look.

If you don't hear from me again tonight, I'm busy pushing ;) I sure hope not though, we're not ready damnit!!!
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First of all, it is proving impossible to talk to the DSA (I can't find my theory test certificate). I get through the menus only to be told "sorry, your call cannot be connected at this time, please try again later" *CLICK*. My test is tomorrow FFS! I know they can sort it out, they have the certificate number (I couldn't have booked my practical test without it!) but they need to notify Barnet DSA so I don't have any problems and I CAN'T GET THROUGH!!!!

Two, using the phone makes the DSL go flaky. I have no idea why, but I can see the router from here--DSL connection goes up and down when I use the phone.

Three, I'm tired. I had a crappy night's sleep because of indigestion--I couldn't get comfortable lying down. So I am tired now, despite having a nap.

Four, the flat is a mess, I have to cook dinner, and I have no energy whatsoever. It's supposed to be roast chicken. I can't even face it.
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Failed, owing primarily to mounting the curb on a reverse-round-the-corner. Why I screwed up I don't know--been doing them perfectly! A few minor issues as well, mainly clutch and observation. Still, overall not bad, and I might actually take and pass my damn test before the baby shows up.
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Not by a huge margin: 30/35 on the multiple choice, 48/75 on the hazard perception. I would have done better on the latter if I hadn't been tired--it slowed my reaction times. I didn't miss a single hazard, I just didn't get them as quickly as I should have.

It would be nice to know exactly which questions i got wrong on the multiple choice, though; the results slip just says which categories.

Still, not fussed as long as I've got the pass certificate. Now to prepare for the practical test--that's what really counts!
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After several days of not getting a proper night's sleep, I went to bed last night at 20:00 and SLEPT. Man, did that feel good.

FedEx are a bunch of muppets. We went out there last night (total backwater in Brimsdown; Neil was forced to acknowlege that there was no way I could have gotten there without a lift). First, it doesn't close till 19:00, so he could have stayed at work an extra half hour. Second, the muppet on the phone didn't mention a tracking number, and the woman behind the desk couldn't find my package in the system without it. Since FedEx can't get into our block without being buzzed in there was no slip left (unlike with Royal Mail/Parcelforce) so I didn't have one at all. Great database there, FedEx, can't you search by name or delivery post code? In the end she asked someone to look through the cages and they found it. Luckily I was right about what it was and where it had been sent from.

More annoyingly, Neil's wing mirror was knocked off. I don't mean clipped, I mean it was hanging on by wires. He had it bent back, too. Our road really is a rat run :/ Properly speaking it should either be no parking or one way, because there isn't room for 2 cars to pass, but neither is going to happen. There isn't anywhere else for the 326 to go (local residents complain enough about it, and TfL quite rightly points out that it's the only route going through the area so it's staying) and there would be a riot if residents were asked to give up street parking. None of this stops people driving too fast, of course.

My driving is coming along nicely; only manoeuvre I've not got down pat is reverse-parking into a bay. British parking bays are too narrow :P
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Well, I've booked it... 23 October (first available date!)
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Today's boos go to TfL/Metroline buses. This morning I waited over 25 minutes for a 326 (every 12-15 minutes IIRC). It finally shows up... and breezes past, ignoring me and the 2 other people waiting. Another bus showed up shortly afterward, but terminated at Finchley Central (I needed to go all the way to Brent Cross). I then had to walk across Ballards Lane to get a 143, which proceeded to wait at the stop for about 7 minutes for no apparent reason.

Luckily, the journey home was MUCH better (straight onto a 326 at Brent Cross, dropped off just before my house--I do like living on a hail & ride section ;) )

The cat is licking the inside rim of my dirty milk glass. Nice one, cat.

I have to book my theory test. I've been putting it off because I'm secretly convinced I will fail it, even though rationally I know I should pass--given the number of morons on the road it can't be that difficult, surely?
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I have never had to do a reverse-into-a-side-street in my life, yet the DSA considers it such an important manoeuvre it's on the test. Why?? And basically it's the same thing as reverse-parking-into-a-bay; why make me do both? :P

Totally unrelated: Don't you hate it when you pull the big muscle on the back of your calf as you're waking up? Ow.

(Doh! Wrote this this afternoon but it didn't post correctly... shall backdate it :P )
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Mock test. Would have failed it. :) But I don't think she expected me to pass, it was more about me getting used to things. And I am improving and I'm really getting the hang of doing manoeuvres using clutch control, so I may actually pass the test before the baby comes. I'm planning to do the theory test once we've moved.

Moron on the A1000. It's 40 north of Barnet because of multiple fatal accidents. So this idiot in a Mini overtakes me at 60, going into a bend. It was obvious to me that it is NOT safe to drive that fast on that bit of road. BTW, I was doing 40 at the time; there was no reason to overtake me other than an instinctive hatred of L-plates.

Back on the A1 again, did 60. That was the fun bit. :)
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I had a driving lesson this afternoon. Let's just say that part of it didn't go well, and I shall be spending the next one practising roundabouts. I did go on the A1 for the first time, though. First time in fifth gear!

Afterwards, I headed into town (Neil was playing bridge tonight). I made the mistake of stopping in Borders to see if the new issue of the New Yorker was in yet. It wasn't, but several really really good new books were out and I found myself buying them. Ooops. Oh well... no laptop, need reading material ;) (Although I do have a couple of unfinished ones on the pile...

From there, onto the cinema. I thought Volver was playing at the Curzon Soho at 17:40. It wasn't. It was 18:40. However, I also knew it was playing at the Cineworld Haymarket at 18:00--I prefer the Cineworld anyway but I was early and thought I'd save myself the extra walk. Cineworld failed to impress me on several counts:
- The ticket was £8.90
- The theatre wasn't opened to patrons until 17:55
- There were 30 minutes of ads and previews, which I thought was seriously excessive. It's no wonder people don't go to the cinema--prices are sky high and then they make you watch ads. I remember when US cinemas didn't even have pre-film ads, just the trailers.

The film, however, was fantastic. I didn't like Bad Education much at all and this really confirmed that Almodóvar is much better directing women than men. (Talk to Her is the exception--though even there, women are a big focus of the film). Penélope Cruz was fantastic--"lighting up the screen" is a cliché, but that's really how it felt (as I've said many times, she's a great actress in Spanish and only mediocre in English). For that matter, all the performances were good (though it was somewhat odd to see Carmen Maura so much older--I was watching Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown the other day).

yes, I've been quite the cinema-goer lately, and I expect I will next week too, as Neil's going to Athens for 5 days! Might as well amuse myself one evening.

After that, got some food and came home. I shall noiw curl up with the cat and the new Margaret Atwood.
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